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Emily Harber headshot
Just a heads up: This site is under construction...

Hi, I'm Emily, but you can call me Pixi...

I'm a former Barista, Cafe Manager, and beverage-industry beacon turned Software Engineer, and Coder Community Confidant.

I first dabbled in code in 2015, and became convinced that the tech industry wasn't for "people like me". After much encouragement from friends and colleagues, I got back to it in 2018, started with the freeCodeCamp "Responsive Web Design" certification and never looked back.

Programming has become the thing I am *most* passionate about, and the thing I now cannot imagine *not* doing. I love working with diverse teams to solve complex problems that help people live better lives through tech.

What I've Been Up To:

I recently completed the Flatiron School Software Engineering Certificate program, which covers a "Full Stack" curriculum of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and SQL. More recently, I've been focusing on increasing my knowledge of JavaScript, React, and Rails, and supplementing my current stack with Node, Express, Gatsby, MongoDB and GraphQL.

During my time as a fully remote student at Flatiron, I started a local meetup group that I called "Code Cafe NJ", which served as a way to socialize and network with other local coders.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, we took Code Cafe fully online, and now have a thriving Discord server with over 100 active members. We host impromptu digital meetups, and provide a welcoming community for coders of all kinds.