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A Ruby on Rails Roadmap

May 27, 2020

Are you a beginner or newbie looking to get started with Ruby on Rails? I’ve compiled some FREE resources to help you get started in just under 6 hours

I had the opportunity to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails during my time at Flatiron School and almost immediately fell in love.

Ruby is an extremely accessible language and, in my opinion, a really ideal first programming language. It’s a dynamically typed, expressive language that lends itself to being human readable and just a joy to work with.

Recently (as in, today) a friend popped into the Code Cafe Online Discord and asked for advice on learning Ruby on Rails. As a result, I ended up putting together this beginner Ruby on Rails Roadmap of free video courses!

If you’re a beginner looking to learn Ruby on Rails, or a developer with experience in other languages looking to add Ruby or Ruby on Rails to your skill set, this should help you get started…

Step 1: Ruby Crash Course

Time Commitment: 4 Hours

Ruby Crash Course

Step 2: Ruby on Rails Crash Course

Time Commitment: 1 Hour

Ruby on Rails Crash Course

Step 3: Ruby on Rails REST API Tutorial

Time Commitment: < 1 Hour

Rails REST API Tutorial

In just under 6 hours, you’ve gone from a total Ruby newbie, to a Ruby on Rails wiz kid! 🎉

I hope this little learning roadmap is useful to all the future Rubyists out there! If you ever need help or get stuck on your learning journey, you can find me on Twitter and here on DEV. I’m always happy to help debugging some Ruby code!

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Written by Emily (TheCodePixi) Harber.
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